An Australian RV water filter that actually works!

Discover the solution to ensuring consistently great-tasting water as you travel across Australia with the B.E.S.T. RV WATER FILTER.

The taste of water will vary as you move around the country. That doesn’t mean it’s bad water- it's just different, but it’s enough to upset your stomach. A water filter will smooth out the taste; however, a good quality water filter will also kill bacteria, be long-lasting, withstand pressure, and set your mind at ease.

Say goodbye to concerns about contaminated water; Australia’s B.E.S.T. RV WATER FILTER will take away the worry!

We've enhanced standard domestic/basic water filtration by adding a combination of higher-quality filter mediums to remove a wider range of contaminants.

Our Inlines are designed for easy back-flushing, effectively purging unwanted dirt and prolonging the filter's life.

Tested to withstand 5 times the average Australian water pressure, exceeding Australian Standards, making it the most durable RV on the market which you can use safely inside or outside the rig. Each filter is backed by a 3-year warranty, the longest warranty in the industry. In fact, our warranty out lasts the life of all other filters. So you can be assured that you’ll have only the best drinking water.

3 Year Warranty

What truly sets us apart is our SilverSafe® technology. Exclusive to B.E.S.T., the SilverSafe® eradicates harmful bacteria and keeps your filter fresh, even during periods of non-use.

With over 125,000* units produced and sold, we proudly stand as the only 100% Australian-made RV water filter. Crafted, moulded, and hand-assembled on Queensland’s Gold Coast, our commitment is to provide clean, safe water wherever your journey takes you.

*B.E.S.T. Inline unit manufacturing count as of December 2023