Aragon Bio Filter Cartridge


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(Note: These Aragon Filters can be used to replace the position where a carbon cartridge would normally be installed.)

The Aragon Bio filter cartridge is designed for complex water purification from iron, chlorine, mechanical particles, organic and organo-chlorine impurities, radioactive elements, manganese, copper, cadmium, lead, pesticides, cesium, strontium, dissolved impurities, viruses and bacteria.

This unique cartridge is created using the innovative, patented Aragon Media. It has been extensively tested by various Certified Laboratories in Europe, to effectively remove chemicals, pesticides, bacteria and heavy metals as well as sediment down to >2 microns.

Developed in Europe, the new SGS-polymers material for water purification combines 3 types of filtration: mechanical, sorption and ion-exchange, making this filter the best to date at removing the widest range of contaminants. The high quality extruded carbon block cartridge is equally effective at purifying both potable and non-potable water.


ARAGON Cartridge No> "ARAGON EH BIO" 0.5 micron

Filtration Efficiency %:

Particles >2 microns 99.999%
Lead, zinc, cadmium, cesium
Chlorine 100%
Chloramines >90% +
Pesticides 92%
Iron 90%
Aluminium 97%
Turbidity 99%
Oil Products 90%


Max Flow Rate 2 - 5 litres p/m
Water Temperature
+4°C to +75°C
Filter Life
7 000 litres



Please note: This cartridge is for 'domestic sized' systems that fit 10" (or 9 3/4") x 2.5" sized replacement cartridge.
This is not a compatible replacement for use in the B.E.S.T. Inline models.