The High cost of buying Cheap!

What are your thoughts on non-Aussie Made products? Most of us try to buy Australian Made items where possible. However, too common now-a-days is when a good Aussie product comes along and it is quickly copied and manufactured cheaply overseas.This sometimes forces the original entrepreneur to follow, by taking their manufacturing off-shore just to stay in business. Then the price war starts and it’s a race to the bottom! 

At this point, the dollar figure is given the most importance and no consideration is given to our health, but we can sometimes pay big later on. Look at this… A customer contacted us and reported that they had a strange taste, colour and odour coming out of the water tank on his brand new rig - even though he was filling it with a B.E.S.T. water filter. Knowing that some tanks and pipe work used in these imports can produce problems, we installed another B.E.S.T. water filter on the outlet. However, it became completely blocked within a matter of days. 

The tank had no drain plug and the outlet hose was in an impossible position to disconnect, so we removed the tank. Brown, thick sludge came out when the outlet hose was removed. After several flushes, we could see this wasn’t going to fix the problem. So we decided to cut the top open. As you can see, the cheap stainless steel and the technique used to make the tank had enabled rust to form, creating the sludge, bad taste and producing a perfect breeding place for bacteria. So, is it really worth the low price? It cost the company another tank. The customer’s holiday was ruined and their health was jeopardised. B.E.S.T. WATER FILTERS are hand assembled, here in Queensland, from 100% Australian made products. 

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