No More Ebay

Due to recent activities on Ebay, all of our resellers have agreed it's best for all, including you, not to sell our B.E.S.T. Water Filters on these commercial sites. Here are a couple of examples that have caused problems:

Problem 1/.

We were contacted by a person that bought a filter from ‘someone’ on Ebay. The filter was blocked and releasing a strange smell.

Upon inspection, it was discovered that, although it looked new on the outside, it was in fact a used filter. It appeared that it had been used to try and filter grey water.


Problem 2/

We began receiving messages from PayPal that customers were being charged for purchases that they hadn’t made of the B.E.S.T. WATER FILTER we supplied. What happened is that a few of the businesses that we did supply, started a little price war on Ebay. That’s business! However, an Ebay fraudster (not a B.E.S.T. reseller) saw an opportunity to cash in by grabbing all the photos and information from another Ebay listing. They then created their own listing and slashed the price even more. Naturally customers thought they were getting a bargain and bought. Your Identity is STOLEN! This fraudster would collect all your details and take your money and They then purchased off our website at full retail, suppling YOUR NAME and YOUR ADDRESS, but using a stolen credit card! Unaware, we then sent the purchased filter out to the customer (who had originally purchased from Ebay). A few days later we are contacted by PayPal and notified that the payment was made with a stolen credit card and the payment is taken back out of our account plus a $15.00 Chargeback fee. (This is from PayPal, which is owned by the same company as Ebay!) So we lose the filter we have shipped and $150 each time. AND your identity is floating around in Ebay land.