Hire Motorhome Horror

If you are looking to hire a motorhome, you need to read this!

Recently on a trip, I had just finished emptying my toilet cassette at the dump point as a hire motorhome pulled up.

When I looked over, they had the drinking water hose (green garden hose) down inside the dump point and were trying to connect the other end to their grey water outlet! Apparently, this part wasn’t explained too well when they picked up the motorhome.

While I was assisting one of the holidayers with the grey water, the other took the same drinking water hose and started filling the fresh water tank!

I wonder how their holiday ended up? Not only theirs, but think about the next family that hired the motorhome with a contaminated tank.

Stay healthy on your hire holiday and get yourself a B.E.S.T. RV Water Filter. It simply connects to the end of the supplied hose, or you fill your water bottles through it.

And come on hire companies, a garden hose? It would cost less than 50 cents per hire to supply your customers with an approved drinking water hose!