Backyard Experiment

BACKYARD EXPERIMENT - SilverSafe™ technology
In 2002, before we took the SilverSafe™ technology in to have it officially tested, we thought we would do our own backyard experiment to see if we were really on to something!

Compare our B.E.S.T. SilverSafe™ cartridge against a standard silver impregnated cartridge. Note: ‘silver impregnated’ is also referred to as silver infused; silver embossed; Nano silver; etc.

The supply water used was straight, untreated rainwater from a house that has a metal roof flowing into old concrete tanks. The filters were exposed to the western afternoon sun.

Manifolded housings were set up so that an equal amount of water will travel through both filter systems.

  • The first housing, position A, was fitted with the B.E.S.T. Alternative cartridge (Model: 420), which is a 5 micron carbon cartridge that incorporates the SilverSafe™ technology.
  • Prior to the B.E.S.T. cartridge (Position A), we installed one of our B.E.S.T. SilverSafe™ Canisters.
  • In the position B housing, a leading brand’s silver impregnated 5 micron carbon cartridge was fitted.
  • Following both position A and B, in these two housings a 1 micron sediment cartridge was placed to catch any bacteria that has was released from the cartridges, and to promote breeding. In other words, to catch any evidence and physically see if SilverSafe™ was a superior sanitiser over silver impregnated carbons.

NOTE: A pleated pre sediment cartridge was installed prior to the experiment setup to remove dirt from the tank water. This was to allow the experiment to continue unimpeded by blockages due to dirt buildup.

Beginning of experiment

Visual results of experiment after 3 months

After 3 weeks, a slight shade of green was beginning to appear on the pre sediment cartridge located after position B. And after 3 months, you can see from the images below that the system fitted with the standard silver impregnated cartridge had maximum bacterial growth. The pre sediment cartridge located after position A continued with no sign of growth or discolouring throughout the test.

The simple presence of silver (as in silver impregnated systems) is not enough to destroy bacteria and keep your filter bacteria free. All water must come in contact with silver (as with the B.E.S.T. cartridge system) to effectively control bacteria. Silver works, as long as it is applied correctly.

Our B.E.S.T. SilverSafe™ Technology ensures you can draw clean, safe water, from anywhere on your travels.Need help choosing the right filter for you?

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